Legal and Business Assistance for the Equine Community

Business Assistance and Guidance

In your role as a barn or stable owner, trainer, riding instructor, clinician, horse owner or breeder, you may find you have needs that are a mix of legal and business issues.

DGB Equine Law can help you assess this blending of essential issues and address those needs. We can guide you in making sound business decisions, and provide you with some peace of mind, which will enable you to better enjoy your equine-related business.


Business Assistance and Guidance provided by DGB Equine Law include:

Barn/Stable Rules

Barn/Stable rules are an essential element of creating a safety program. Having clear and easy to understand rules at your facility or on your property is a must around horses and horse-related activities.

DGB Equine Law can assess your current situation and help you revise, add or create riding arena etiquette rules, general barn/stable rules, safety rules, trail riding rules and more.

This will help you circumvent problems that ultimately do arise in equine situations and make your property a safer place to be.


Business Organizational Needs

Choosing the best way to organize your horse/equine related business can sometimes be complex or simple depending upon your goals.  Many of these issues overlap with your legal needs, but some are simply business decisions that, if made the right way from the start, will help your business go in the direction you desire.

DGB Equine Law can help you assess the many alternatives, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLP's, Incorporation, S Corporations, Syndication and more. 

Determination of Quality Vendor Services and Competitor Issues

The tasks of finding and using quality vendors who offer competitive pricing is often overlooked or not kept of up-to-date.

DGB Equine Law can help determine your needs by taking the time to research the competition, present alternatives and be sure your business is getting and using the quality services you desire, at the best pricing available.  Also, if your current vendors are not giving you the service you need,

DGB Equine Law can help you find new providers by researching competition, quality and pricing. When you decide to change,  you can feel confident about your decision.


Negotiation of Vendor and Service Provider Agreements

You've found a new vendor; now what?

DGB Equine Law can help you negotiate the best prices for quality products or services.


Insurance Review for Your Equine Coverage Needs

Often years can go by without thought or assessment to your current insurance needs, while  property is improved, horses trained and situations change.

DGB Equine Law can help evaluate where risks lie and assist in insurance coverage review. We can aid you in reviewing, purchasing or changing your insurance and policy limits, providing you protections and peace of mind in the event of an accident or injury.

Set-Up of Internal Equine-Related Business Systems

For those of you who have boarders or clients in an equine-related business, often the day to day  workings of your business leave you overwhelmed, with little or no time to address routine daily operations.

DGB Equine Law can help you get and stay organized by providing billing services, release forms and general operating systems.


Show, Clinic and Demonstration Needs Assessments

For those of you who have shows, demonstrations, inspections and clinics on your property, running those events safely and smoothly is of utmost importance.  It reflects upon you as an equine professional and provides the equine community with a basis for deciding whether to attend your future events.  

DGB Equine Law can help you by reviewing the process of what you currently do and evaluate if important safety, legal or business issues are missing.  We can help you implement systems that will ensure your event runs as smoothly and safely as possible.  Also, developing personal safety programs ahead of time can lessen your risk of liability.